Welcome to Libre Lenny's Hand-Coded Static Website!

I'm a huge fan of: Neocities, which is a website creation service reminiscent of, but better than Geocities, from back in the day.

Actually, I am writing an article at the moment, on my WordPress website librelenny.com, and I mentioned Neocities, so I came to upgrade my Neocities account which is only 5 bucks a month -- and you can add as many websites as you like, and even use custom domains, and build a website here.

As mentioned in the article, sometimes I like to open Falkon and hand code something, which takes me back to the old days of the Internet. I have a spaceyhey account too.

Exciting News: I've Almost Finished a Static Website Generator

Over the past several months I have secretly been working on a little project that allows me to generate static websites with a dynamic header and footer. See, when you create a static website, if it has 100 pages, then if you want to update the header, you actually have to update 100 pages. With the software that I created, you paste your HTML into the body area, and the software will compile the site into HTML pages with the same header and footer. If you want to change the header and footer in future, you simply change it and recompile the site. You can then upload the new files to your website. Stay tuned because there will be more news about that here. If you want to keep up to date on the progress of this project, just head over to librelenny.com and join my newsletter or follow me on social media. Once I've completed the project in full, I'll blast the news of its launch out everywhere.

My Plans for This Website

I'm a huge fan of the "old web", or "web 1.0" -- the Internet that was around before everyone got corralled into social media sites. Back in the day, the Internet was a lot more fun. A lot of people hand-coded their own websites. We had web rings and banner exchanges, link directories (every website had a links page), discussion forums, chat rooms (connected with IRC) and a whole heap of other stuff. There were huge websites completely filled to the brim with midi music (used for background tunes), clipart and heaps of code that people could cut and paste into their websites to create their own custom-built homepage.

Then "social media" came along, and everyone's "wall" or "feed" looked the same. No one coded anything anymore. People just scrolled around, clicked like and talked crap, creating enemies out of their families and old friends. The Internet of the late 90's and 2000's was fun, exciting -- a whole new frontier to explore. Then it turned into a digital ghetto and the only people that kept coding anything were being paid by corporations to create ads to sell to the masses that were having their data harvested on social media. What the Internet was and what it turned into is a travesty in my opinion. We need to get off all this social media (for the most part) and get back to building personal homepages. I mean, you don't even really have to learn to code anymore. You can get a WordPress up in a few clicks for a few bucks a month. But I highly recommend creating a hand-coded website, because that's more fun!

So librelenny.neocities.org is going to be home base -- HQ for my operation to teach people not only how to hand-code a website, but to insist that it's heaps of fun and definitely rewarding.